Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Here are lots of random little things I’ve thought of lately.
·         I got a great new lunch bag!!! (thanks mom!)

·         This is my law picture for the next 3 years. So if you see this in the paper, it means I did something special! (But don’t get your hopes up)

·         This new speed-bump thing in Canada is going to get someone killed. It is an optical illusion drawing on speed bumps to get people to slow down. Huge accident waiting to happen!

·         Obviously I’m into this new obsession for wanting reusable coffee sleeves. But I found this article of a person who made a magnetic one so they could stick their coffee to anything metal when they needed to have their hands free. Great idea right?!

·         UNL got caught a few years ago because they were the #1 University in the nation for breaking copyright laws in downloading music. To me, that’s hilarious.

·         Um how amazing is this cupake!?
·         I found it funny in a case where a lawyer was ticking off the judge and she literally got sentenced to go back to school to repeat courses. How humiliating! I would move….to a different country.

·      Oh and dont even get me started on how much I want these cookie cutters!
(they are at williams-sonoma in case anyone is looking for a belated bday gift for yours truly!)
Well besides crafting and school, that basically sums up everything that has been going through my head lately!



Loooove cookie monster! How stinkin cute?! Your blog is great, I am now addicted. :)

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