Saturday, March 19, 2011

Etsy Peeves

Did I mention I am on Spring Break this week?? (In other words...I'll be blogging in Denver this week instead of Lincoln!) It could not have come at a better time!!! The only bad news in knowing that when I get back, there are only 4 weeks of classes til finals. The good news- my first year of law school will be over very soon (but expect a number of stress enduced breakdowns before the celebrating)

Other good news- My oral argument is over!!! Finished! The end. I'm pretty thrilled.
On another note:
Etsy is amazing, so don’t think that I don’t love being a shop owner. But allow me to give you a few tips on what not to say to your shop owner in a message:
1.       Can you make it extra____ (if it is a reasonable request, that is fine! But when you say “can you make that look extra legible” or “extra nice” or “extra___” ) It makes it assume you think our product isn’t good enough, or that we do substandard work. We always make it our best.
2.       “I need___ and priority shipped tomorrow” –Be nice! We aren’t your servants. Ask politely, it is unreasonable to assume I can personalize something for you and send it priority the next day. But I always try to accommodate!
3.       Don’t assume we don’t know what we are doing. If there is something wrong with the total in the checkout, ask if we know what is wrong. (don’t assume it is the owner) It is highly likely there is something else in your cart that you forgot to take out. Don’t attack the shop owner
4.       Start off by saying something nice. Either “Hi” or “I love your product” it makes us feel good, and we are more accommodating
5.       “I ordered my package a long time ago, when will it get here?” ---That is perfectly okay to ask, if it really WAS a long time ago. I received a message like this, that was ordered on a Thursday night, I personalized it on Friday, sent it out on Saturday…and I got this message on Monday. I had to reminder her there was no post on Sundays, and packages take a few days.
6.       If you are a first time buyer…don’t feel like you are the only one! Its okay to ask questions about how etsy works. I love walking people through the process!
7.       Don’t forget to give feedback- positive feedback and personal notes is what we live for! However, if there is a problem, message us first to get it fixed!
I feel like these would be fairly common sense…but apparently I was wrong!

(I hope no one is afraid to order from me now!!! haha)


Candace Stevenson

gooood advise! I just opened up my own etsy shop last week so I'm new at this stuff :)

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