Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Exciting News + Winner!!

3 VERY important things!

First, As of this weekend I have some very exciting news! I finally have the one thing I've been missing in my life. The thing I've been waiting for almost 3 WHOLE YEARS!!! Something I get to carry with me always....and will now be my most treasured possession.

Here I'll give you two hints

Figure it out??

I finally got the 50mm lens I've been wanting for my rebel!!
Get ready for some ROCKIN pictures :)  (yes, it is sad the only thing I had to take pictures of was starbucks and my kitty...but that wont be for long!)

ALSO! I won ANOTHER giveaway! Thank you SO much Laura for yet another FABULOUS giveaway! This time I won money towards a new blog design!!! Thank to Robin Blogs! Check them out! Also....be checking back for my new AWESOME blog that Robin Blogs is going to make for me :)

On the topic of Giveaways.....you ready?!

The winner for the personalized hanger is......

Congrats Candace!!! Shoot me an email here and we can work out details!!

Thanks everyone for entering!!! This was such a hit...I may just have to do it again :)



You're on top of the WORLD with those giveaways right now! JEALOUS.

Also, I was like, "Coffee...cat...coffeecat? You like both of those things. I DON'T UNDERSTAND." I'm glad you got your lens!


Suzy @ Joy Is At Home

awesome!!! so jealous!!! can't wait to read all your tips & tricks for picture taking!

Natalia Lynn

Congrats on winning! I have still yet to win something, boo!


Hooray! Congrats to you on the lens and the wins and congrats to Candace!

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