Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break Update and {Earring Winner}

Ah the joys of not studying for a few days! Colorado has been great, and after a little guilt trip, I got Kevin to let me practice with my new lens! It would be better if I didnt have to set up all my own pictures, but I just cant help snapping a few of the two of us!

So far break has been great! I got to spend time with his family...alot of family actually. Craft a bit (more posts to come!) and hopefully by the end I will have learned how to crochet!

And Now....Drum roll please....time to announce the winner of the DIY Kind Girl Giveaway!

 #1 Katyjo! Congrats Katyjo :)

Thanks again everyone for entering....and thank you heather for the awesome giveaway!



Bah, jealous of Katy. Someday I'll win.

PS Kevin's hair looks great. I feel kind of creeptastic for saying that because he'll probably see it, but...whatever. Very cute pics!

Natalia Lynn

Great pics, how fun to play with your new lense and get some cute pics!


I'm glad you had a relaxing spring break! I just passed the Stylish Blogger Award to you!


You two are super cute!





These pics are very sweet!

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