Saturday, July 16, 2011

Easy No-Heat Curls

This month I did a test- the sock bun v. the elastic headband. The trick, you have very lightly damp hair, and put them up in one of these two methods to get lovely curls in the morning.

First- the sock bun

This video here explains it more! I wont take credit away from her awesome videos!
Me the night before!

After I slept

Pulled it out

Very curly! It was a little too kinky curly for me. But I've heard AMAZING reviews, so you should still try it! It would be great for a curly side pony...for sure!

Now for the elastic headband curls! Here is another great video for this one.

I didnt have an elastic headband, so as always....I go to my handy tshirt scrap bucket, and cut off a sleeve from a tshirt. A perfect headband!

Once again the night before

Wide awake!

And with it pulled out

Now this one I styled a little, and it worked GREAT!!!


The sock bun, I would wear that all day if I wanted to shower in the morning, wear it that day, wear it at night, and have curly hair the next day. Its a look I can rock even if I'm not doing it for the next day curls

Although the lady in the video said she would rock the hair elastic in the morning....I'm not sure if I am secure enough for that! But this was SUPER comfortable to sleep on, and it had no problem staying in all night!

Both of these only take about 5 minutes to do at either way....its a win-win!



I love it!! I wish my hair could curl like that, mine is naturally ringlet-ty curls, which I like.. but still :)

Looks great on you!


Elastic headband is how I curl mine, it is so much easier. Plus with my hair getting treated so much, it allows me to only have to use the blowdryer.

Turned out great on you!


These are the two curling styles I recently just tried out, as well! I haven't had good luck with the bun because I always end up doing something weird with my ends and they bend every-which-way when I take the bun out. Love the bun for work, though. Takes the hassle out of trying to make my hair look nice but not too tight/stern.


So funny you just posted about this! I just say the headband method and tried it out Thursday. I was seriously about the post the link on your wall. Glad you found it and enjoyed it!


Kitty, how easily does your hair curl/hold a curl? Regardless of how much hairspray I use, the curl will eventually turn into a wave. And on days with crazy humidity, it will go from curl to straight in about 10 minutes (world record??!)


Em- I'd like to respond to you...but you don't have you email I'll try here. My hair is wavy, and curl stays pretty well...but its super thick, so I dont like to curl it much! Maybe this isnt very helpful? Sorry! But I've heard great reviews from girls that can not hold curl well!


I wish I could have pretty curls like that!


love the curls...jealous!:)


Adorabe - YOU, your CURLS and your BLOG, too! Glad to find you thru Flamingo Toes today. Come see me sometime at
Following you now!
Love Laurie


I tried the second way last night and it worked really well!! I've had so many compliments today! Thanks, I love you blog!

Just Jaime

Thanks for the review. I tried the sock but myself but I had trouble getting my layers in there. It ended up not working the best for me. Yours look cute though!


I love the elastic method; I don't know if I have the fine motor skills to master the sock method! I will tell you I think both the girls from the video are as cute as can be though.


Those are awesome!!! I wish that I didn't have such flat hair or I would give these a try


Super cute blog and pictures! love the honesty with which you write! As a fellow student/crafter/blogger/christian/mid-west gal I'll be following your blog! I'd love for you to check out mine and follow back...if you'd like :)

Miranda @ Life in the Motherhood

Stopping by from Whatever Goes Wednesday! Thanks for the idea. I never thought of using anything other than those horrible, painful foam roallers. Makes me wish my hair were just a bit longer so I could try it out!


Cool! too bad I just chopped off my hair! :)


Such and awesome idea! And so quick! I will have to try this! Thanks for sharing!

Mandy @ Sugar Bee Crafts

thanks for linking to Take-A-Look Tuesday - I featured you today, the most viewed link!! -


I LOVE it that you aren't afraid to take a picture of yourself first thing out of bed! Brave woman! You are totally adorable and have gorgeous hair. I'm going to try both of these!


GENIUS!! I'm so glad you shared these methods. I'm trying them pronto!


THIS is wonderful & is going to save me SOOO much time! YAY.


I'm always intrigued by these ideas, I have curly hair, but it varies so much day to day! Tight curls or loose waves, it just never makes up its mind!


Um, maybe I'm impaired, but neither video shows up for me. Do you have the actual links to them that you could share? Thanks! wilsondev(at)gmail(dot)com

Kelli @ RTSM

How fun! I wish I could get my hair to curl. It is so stubborn and the only sort of curl I get is FRIZZ! Stopping by from TT&J:)


Very funny, but I may just have to try this!

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk

Did you use any products before and/or after you used the elastic?

Jessica @ O. Alouette

Your hair looks so cute! I've really been wanting to try the curls with the headband.


fun photos - looks good!


Congratulations, this was the top viwed link at Me Making Do this week!


Love it! What sort of product did you use?

Michelle A.

My sister and I both did the sock bun thing last night, and the curls this morning were gorgeous! She has pin straight hair though, so it fell quite a bit, but it still looked amazing. My hair's curly so it stayed really well, though I straightened the top part of my hair because I wanted the "curly just on the ends" look. Thank you so much for this, I would have never found it or had the ambition to try it without you!

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Ariella Lola

Hi Kitty! cute name by the way. i like doing the sock bun better because it hurts a lot less and stays in a lot better. the headband hurts because i have long, thick hair so it hurts and then in the morning it is around my neck because it fell out. i really love this idea though, comparing them. i might just do it on my blog too!

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