Saturday, July 23, 2011

Largest Etsy Order Yet

I've been pretty excited about my largest etsy order so far! It was for a lovely bride-to-be who had a great story of how they had their first date. It was in a Yogurt Shop called "Spoon Me" (so cute!) So of course she wanted wedding favors to be spoons, stamped "spoon me" on them!

Now I may be biased...but this is so fun right? Well I enjoyed making 140 of these babies for her rushed order this week. With the grueling 100+ degree days we had been having....stamping outside wasn't quite as fun as it usually is. But I got them all done, shipped on Tuesday, and they arrived Thursday. I was thrilled she got them in plenty of time for her early August wedding.

So there we have my largest etsy order so far! I was thrilled when she sent me the sweetest message thanking me for her favors!

"The spoons came today and I cannot tell you how wonderful I think they are. I couldn't stop myself from looking at every single one and they are fantastic. They really are fantastic and I feel like I need to say that a billion more times, but instead i'll just say thank you. thanks for your speed in making them, in shipping them, and for your incredible work."

So this is yet another friendly reminder to thank your etsy shop owners when you really love their can really make someone's day (like it did mine!)


Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims

that is so cute!! love it!!


What adorable wedding favors!

Ann Martin

aww, how nice! Personalized gifts like that are the best.


Ok, I've gone missing for a LONG time but I just subscribed my email so I don't miss a post. :) Anyway, these are fabulous. I love them. I will have to order some in the future.

Ms. M

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