Monday, July 25, 2011

Passive Aggressive Card Printable

Okay let me explain

A friend pinned this etsy card recently...and I thought it was HILARIOUS.

I made a little tweaking (cuter and a little more appropriate for my taste) and came up with these:

I've been trying my hand at photoshop lately, and decided this project would be simple enough. Now, I'll be honest, I probably wont ever print them or use them (even though some days I would like to...I just couldnt bring myself to actually leave one of these on a windshield.) But for those of you who would enjoy carrying these around, you're welcome to print some out!



I think yours are much for tasteful and appropriate :)

the cape on the corner

i think the etsy one is hysterical, but yours are cute. the question is...would you actually use it. would I actually use it. i'd be afraid they'd do something to my car!

liZ evans

Dude, I love this post...and I lOVE both cards. I actually wrote out a note to leave on someone's Escalade the other day who parked so close to me I had to climb into my car through the passengers seat. (Which wasn't awesome considering the fact I'm 8 months pregnant. NIce.)

Anyway I wish I had one of your cards then. I totally would have used it. (And the happy nicey nice background makes the cards all the more funny.)

Selton and Ashlee

I love this. I could use these like 99% of the time I go somewhere.

Erin of

These are hilarious! I cannot tell you how many times in the past I wish I would have had these! I hope you will share this post at my HomeMade Monday Blog Party next week at I am your newest follower!


These are hilarious! I might have to print some out :)

Hannah Handmade

Bahhaha! That’s hilarious! I’m your newest follower, come follow me back? :) Check out my blog August 7th-13th when it will all be about Creating Smiles Week! There will be guest posting and giveaways to charities! I would love to see your face there!

Mandy @ Sugar Bee Crafts

Thanks for linking to Take-A-Look Tuesday - - I featured you today! you were the most viewed link, AGAIN!!- Mandy,


I love this idea. We have a child in a wheelchair and there have been many times we've come back to the van to have some nutcase parked so close to the van that my son has a hard time getting in. We see it alot in different handicapped sections(walmart is the worst) and there is always someone parked way to close and usually without a handicapped placard. My hubby got ticked the other day and since the fellow was coming out to his car, had a few words with the fellow. The guy had the nerve to say I was only in there for 5 minutes. Since it took us more than 10 to get our son into his carseat, I don't think so buddy!! Our city has come up with brochure type pages you can slip in under the wipers that say basically laziness is not an excuse and goes on to explain how much it costs fine wise to park there. I think you should print a couple and put them up next time you have to crawl into your car. You'll be gone before they come out!

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