Thursday, August 18, 2011

Easy Glass Cutting

I found a tutorial here on easy glass bottle cutting and I was so intrigued! Alyssa and I worked on this while I was in Portland after we went to her neighbor's bday party and picked up a few glass bottles they had left over.  It is seriously SUPER easy!


1. Glass bottles.
2. yarn/twine/cotton string. Something that will ignite well. I made the mistake of trying to use that colored floss you make friendship bracelets out of. FAIL. Next I thought "what do I have that is cotton??" TSHIRTS of course! Alyssa sacrificed one of her tie dye shirts to cut strips for the string
3. Nail Polish Remover. Or something good and flammable.
4. Matches. I also used a candle to help control things.
5. Pitcher of water. Full enough to dip the bottle in, without displacing water over the edge.
Okay this is honestly so easy. Cut a strip of string/twine/tshirt to fit around the bottle and have enough left to tie it. If it is thin material, wrap it a couple of times.

Now don't tie it yet. Soak it in the nail polish remover. Then tie it tight around the bottle. Cut the extra strings.

Light the candle (or match) and set the thing on fire! I was worried at first, because I knew there was nail polish remover all over the bottle. Well good news, it doesn't catch on fire It is actually really controlled.

TIP: you should see a flame on your bottle. I wasn't sure if the floss was working the first time, but it didn't actually catch the string on fire. You want it on fire. If it isn't, you need a different string that is cotton to wrap around your bottle.

Now rotate it for 30 seconds to make sure it gets good and hot. I heated it from both sides, the flame of the candle touching the bottom, and the flame that is on the top side of the bottle/string that is upwards. (see photo) Rotate it slowly to make sure it is hot.

Finally dip it in the I was afraid the flame would burn me, but it didn't. Do it fast for a clean cut. You'll hear the sound of glass breaking and it may scare you. Wait a few seconds to make sure it is separated all the way around. It will make an initial break, then finish off. So just wait about 15 seconds til it sounds done (you'll see what I mean)
When you go to lift it out- hopefully what you are left with is something like this. You pull the top off and the bottom portion is still sitting there. Finally sandpaper the edges if need be (or with like a wood file)

Now think of all the possibilities you could do with this great glass cup. Candles, drinking glasses, planters, etc. Hopefully I'll be posting a few of those ideas soon!!



What a seriously great idea! it's a great thing to do with all those favorite beer bottles of ours that I dont want sitting around. :)



I saw that tutorial before but I didn't understand it. Now I do!! Gotta try it sometime.

p.s. I got my earrings- they are really cute! Thanks :)


Wow! Looks really cool! Thanks for sharing!! I'll definitely have to try it out soon.

-Bonnie @ Revolutionaries

Bethany @ A Fish Who Likes Flowers

I'm totally going to try this! Thanks for sharing

Justina F. Lee

AWESOME idea!! Thanks for sharing!

Stress Baker

Oooh! I'm really glad you did this; I was wondering how hard it really was! Ha ha! Thanks for sharing!

Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims

woah, great technique! so cool


What a neat idea. So is the sanding to make it not sharp? Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!


Thanks for this very clear tutorial--I am very excited to give this a try!


Cool tutorial! I stumbled upon this tutorial a while back and thought it might give more precise results:


HOLY COW! I had no idea you could do this. I thought you had to use a special saw!
I'd love for you to link up to my very first Fresh Friday Link Party!


I saw this a while ago and lost it and so glad I found it again. I want to try this for a unique
Christmas gift for my dad.
Girlfriends Are Like Shoes


Well I did it! I had to try a few different types of things tied around the bottle before I got it to work. I ended up using tshirt material and it worked like a charm.
The candle helped a ton and most tutorials don't mention a candle so I'll be recommending this to others!
Girlfriends Are Like Shoes

Jenifer Harrod

You are too cool I've Always wanted to do this now I can when I find the time.

Daniel Hirsch

Thanks for sharing the information. it is a easy technique for Glass Cutting .

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