Saturday, September 3, 2011

Arkansas Weekend

Enjoying a weekend on Beaver Lake! My uncle lives on the lake, and my parents thought it would be a good place to stay for the holiday weekend. When I got to my parents house in Omaha to start our journey to Arkansas, they surprised me by telling me instead of spending 8 hours in the car, we'd be taking the plane. Thankfully that cut an entire 6 hours off the trip, making it much more enjoyable

While dad flew, mom graded papers

And I tried to figure out a way to balance my books on my lap, while taking notes.

Yesterday we enjoyed a day swimming and looking at land (my parents have discussed buying a place here for a while now) A perfect getaway. The only drawback being missing the first husker game of the season!

Hope you're all enjoying the weekend!


Emily Heizer Photography

Wait a minute... now why don't i have my own plane?


As a new reader let me say WHAT?! Your dad can fly a plane? And owns one? WOW.

My dad had his pilots license and flew planes about like that one but that was before I was born. I never went up with him. I wonder now what it would have been like.

The lake looks beautiful! I'd love to be sitting on a dock somewhere while the colors change in the fall. Beautiful!


Oh my are in my neck of the woods! Isn't the weather fabulous??!! Looks like fun. :)

Sophie V

hey! glad you got to go to Arkansas the short way for once! looks like a great trip :)

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