Thursday, September 8, 2011

Floral Bralette

This may be a little more risque than my average posts- just a warning! But really, its all G rated, so no worries! For those of you ladies that are not so....well others,  there is one thing we can pull off, a bralette. Cute, comfortable, and the best part... totally in style. I recently became inspired by one at Aerie (the American Eagle for undergarments in case you've never heard of it. I'll admit I'm turning 24 in a matter of days, and still shop at AE) and realized...this doesn't seem so hard, I bet I can sew one of these.

So I did! It was actually pretty simple. I did the whole thing by hand, while watching episodes of "Accidentally on Purpose"  (a very funny show if you ask me!)

Here is a photo of my muse- The one from aerie is the pink and white- next to mine!

It has a few basic pieces is all

Triangles out of fabric
Elastic band covered in fabric.
And Lace Trim

I used vintage fabric my grandmother gave me recently and I made it up as I went...but here are a couple of photos of the process.

I didn't make a great tutorial, because I honestly wasn't sure how it would turn out. BUT I assure you it was simple. No, I don't have many photos of it "in action" but you get the general idea!! Allow me to remind you, I am not one to sew very this truly is simple! I have faith in you all that yours will turn out even better than mine.



So cute!


Cute! I've been browsing these ideas lately and posts like yours encourage me to experiment with creating some undergarments for myself. P.S. AE jeans are about the only ones I'll wear...and I'm 23.5 yrs as well...:)

Lisa at


This is so cute. Definitely have to try this. Thanks for the tutorial (don't worry, it was enough! :))


This is so cute! I just got a sewing machine so I may have to try it out. And I have sort of outgrown American Eagle since I turned like 23ish but I doubt I'll ever outgrow Aerie. It's my favorite.


That is really, really pretty - just what I would have made back in the day... nowadays I need serious underwiring and padding to keep things where they ought to be!

tousled day

This is nice. I'm pinning it :)


Haha! Im with Rae! If only I had "booblettes"...


This is adorable! Also, I'm turning 33 on Friday and stills hop at AE, too!


Boy, you must be brave! I've been wanting to try sewing some undergarments for quite awhile but am really afraid of all the lace and tiny seam allowances. Yours turned out so wonderfully! Thanks for showing us.


P.S. This is my first time visiting your website and it's great! I love that you're a law student. It makes it a little different than the usual crafting blogs. Or maybe I'm just fond of it because my boyfriend is a law student? Who knows!


This is adorable! I will have to settle with just admiring yours, I will not be making any. Like what I have seen in the comments, I also sport a "full" set.

Stephanie {Luxe Boulevard}

From one small chested gal to another, THANK YOU!!! I am pinning this!


Just as cute as the original! Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!


wow! yours came out so close to the purchased one! very cute!


Wow! Great job! All by hand too!This would make a great gift for pre-teens.


That's so neat!
I hate bras. But I seem to need them anyhow. They are too good damn expensive. But now I know that it is possible to sew one even if you're kind of crappy at sewing. YAY!


It is extremely cute! I love it and I would definetely try to make one if I would be able to sew anything, but for me this seems to be too dificult :( Keep up the good work!



This is really cute! Did you measure the length for the straps or are they adjustable?


This would be great for those of us who need more support but would love something pretty for nightwear. Switch the fabric to a satin in keeping with the vintage feel and this would be fabulous in a champagne colour or soft pink. Thanks so much.

katherine barrios

Found it! And love it! Do you think it would be easy to pull it of with a sewing machine?? I'm awful at hand sewing, but not yet and expert with the machine... Any advice for me to try this out?

Please, help!

Jennie B

How did you sew the triangles on to the elastic band? Did you sew behind it or leave a little room on the fabric cover the elastic to sew on to the triangles?

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