Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Camera

I've had a few people ask me what camera I shoot with. I am proof that it doesn't matter how "new" or great your camera is....its all about composition. I have a Canon Rebel XT which I purchased my sophomore year of college (4 years ago). It was my first and only SLR camera, and my BIG purchase before my sister and I took a trip to London together. Up until a few months ago, I used the lens that came with the camera. The 18- 55mm lens (which is what I use for most of my blog posts). The camera body and lens cost me around $400 because they had a great deal since it was an old model.

For portraits, I now us a 1.8 50mm lens which I bought off craigslist for $80. This lens makes ALL the difference. Seriously. I would have bought a better lens, if I felt I could afford it and it would pay off. If you can afford a 1.4 then get it. Really.
 In the next couple of weeks I may be making an even BIGGER purchase...but right now can't bring myself to justify buying a 70-300mm lens, when I don't make much money off my photography services. That is a whole 'nother story.

For beginners, its a great camera (yes, I still count myself as a beginner) the key is knowing HOW to use it....not how fancy your camera is.


Emily Heizer Photography

This is one of my favorite quotes about this crap. I found it on Pinterest:

"A photographer went to a socialite party in New York. As he entered the fron door, the host said 'I love your pictures -they're wonderful; you must have a fantastic camera.' He said nothing until dinner was finished, then: 'That was a wonderful dinner; you must have a terrific stove."

Sam Haskins

Emily Heizer Photography


As in, I am agreeing with you. :)

the artist

Have you tried any of the at-home light box set-ups, or do you primarily shoot in normal natural light for your macro stuff?

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