Monday, October 3, 2011

After Thought

After posting tips to grow your blog- I became did most of my traffic find me?
Yes, I can see a daily traffic source through blogger...but I'm curious as to how many followers I've received from those? So if you have a moment, please check out the poll on the right side of the blog, and vote how you learned about me! I'd like to at least have a little "street cred" on my recommendations on how to grow your blog!



I found your sock bun vs. t-shirt hairband no heat curls. I can't remember now what blog featured it, but here I am, still a regular reader!

Emily Heizer Photography

One of my followers, of perhaps one of my followers followers (got that?)or a blog whose profile I was looking at followed your blog. As soon as I saw "law school" I squealed [and groaned] and clicked.

That's how I found you! My imaginary, pretend internet bestie. BWAHAHAHA. {STALKER!---> Me) :D


Same as Laura- I was clicking my way around the interwebs looking for sockbun-reviews when i found your blog.
And as a fellow Law Student I got stuck :)


I found you on a link to your quarter ring tutorial and loved your blog, so I now follow it.
Thanks for the tips on how to grow your blog. I am trying keep all of it in mind for my little ole blog.


I found you through either a feature or a link party. I can't remember for sure, but I'm pretty sure it was a feature. :)


I found you while looking for tshirt crafts.You have a couple and I like them all! I even made the woven headband and later found the exact one at Target.So thank you!


I found out on a link posted by the Handmade Mafia in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada!


I found you via Pinterest - a link to your Sbux Caramel Apple recipe. It's quite popular over there (I see it repinned a lot) so I bet you get a lot of people coming from there to here! :)

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