Friday, November 25, 2011

My last Hurrah

The past 2 days, marks my last hurrah before "dead" week. What that means, is finals begin in one week. The next 2.5 weeks will be chaos. But it will be over soon (not soon enough). And I can finally say I'm half way done with law school. So for the past two days, I lived it up.

First- I received an AMAZING gift, from an amazing person. Kevin sent me a new camera lens!!! Eeeek I couldn't wait to try it out. I was shocked when I opened a packaged, to see the lens. I honestly thought someone had simply packed something else in a lens box. That was until I noticed the best buy label.
So on thanksgiving day, I tried it out.

I was excited, it was probably the warmest thanksgiving I can remember

The girls in the family....what can I say....we are photogenic :)
Thanksgiving this year was fabulous as always. All of the family came into town of course, so lots of food and good company was in store.

Then at must know where I was....WALMART!

My sister, cousin, and I all went black Friday shopping!!! Just like we do every year! We loved every minute of the chaos.
Of course we had to wear crowns, so we could find each other easily :)

One of my many purchases, included finally upgrading from my baby coffee momma coffee for a law student

Then at 11am on Friday- we went to the traditional Thanksgiving Husker game!!! Although we were sad it wasn't Colorado this year, we played a great game against Iowa!

Couldn't help but include this lovely drawing Kevin made :)

A wonderful couple of kick off the start of finals insanity.


Happy in red

I am so glad we don't have black Friday in The Netherlands!! Awwwww, such a cute kitty!!!
Have a great weekend, Esther.


I feel your pain, sister! I am also starting my third semester of finals in LS on Monday, but then I'll be 1/2 way through! Stocked up on coffee and turkey day leftovers, I think we can go it!

Good luck!

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