Sunday, February 12, 2012

Caramel Apples

I had this genius idea (or so I thought). I love caramel apples, but dislike two things:
1. slobbering when I eat them
2. running out of caramel and just having the apple left once the outside is gone

I decided the best idea would be to cut it first, and put caramel over it after!

It was a bit messy, and probably not the best solution...but it was a pretty decent attempt!
If you haven't done caramel apples, you just need the square caramels and a smidgen of milk.

Cut the apple with the apple cutter

Microwave, dip in caramel and enjoy!

I thought it turned out delicious. Even though the photo above looks whole, its sliced up. That way I was ready to pull pieces off right away. One of them I even poured melted chocolate over was heavenly

Just don't burn the turns out like this:

1 comments: of the difficult questions.

For parties, I often make ridiculously decadent caramel apples, with candies or marshmallows and chocolate on the outside, and then once they're cold, I cut them up with a very sharp knife (the cold caramel will break your apple slicer.) Everyone loves them.

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