Sunday, March 25, 2012

Life Update

Honestly, I cannot believe how quickly this semester has gone by. For those of you who are keeping up with things other than my crafts and tutorials (I'm not offended if that is the only thing you keep up with! Its my favorite thing to blog about!) I wanted to give a little update on what is going on, and what will be going on.

I had taken a week off last week for spring break. Although it was fabulous, I have alot ahead of me that I need to get going on.

First, I'm still in that awkward position of figuring out summer plans. Will I take classes, work at law firm, work a normal job, do a clinic at school? I'm still contacting firms, and applying for jobs. But quite frankly, I've never had such hard time trying to balance the "law job" and the "kid job". Its hard to have a kid job backup, when they already don't want to hire you because you are "over qualified" and they know you want stick around after you graduate. Not to mention I've had an offer for a manager of a photography studio, but had to turn them down since I'm only looking for something that I could work under 20 hours in the fall. Its just all around a tough place to be.

Next, its 4 weeks til finals. *gulp* Every semester I get to complain about finals...and how every semester they make me want to quit. They are absolutely awful in law school. Its a 4+ hour essay final....that is your entire grade. I mean, you can't get much worse than that.

This week, however, there is something to celebrate! Kevin and I will have been dating 4 years on Wednesday! Although we won't be together (he has a wedding to go to in Oklahoma) its an exciting event for us!
Happy Early 4 years Kevin :)

And finally...there is this "event" I've signed up for in Oklahoma City (where I went to undergrad). It is SMACK in the middle of my 2 weeks of finals (probably not the BEST idea I've had) ButI've always thought it would be neat to participate in this event! I've signed up for the Oklahoma City Memorial Half Marathon!
Trust me, I've never thought I'd ever say that. I'm not a runner. Well, I wasn't a runner? I don't know what I am. But a few months ago I decided to try running. If I keep it up, I feel pretty confident I'll be ready! Lets hope I can make it!

If I do...then it will only be two more finals....and I'm officially considered a 3L and in my last year of law school!


Brittany Elizabeth

Good for you!! I have always wanted to do the half in the Memorial Marathon too! You will have so much fun! Good luck finalizing summer plans!


I'm also a law student & I know exactly what you mean about "kid jobs" & how no one wants to hire us. It's an awkward position to be in. Here's to both of us finding some good kids jobs!

the artist

Hollah! I am so impressed with your impending half-marathon-ness! Hit me up while you are in town- I will sit quietly and watch you study and just absorb your essence of awesomeness:)


you go girl! you can do it!
and congrats on 4 years <3

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