Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DIY Lace Watch

This is one of my new favorite projects. A good friend of mine pointed out a similar watch last year, and I decide to give making it a try! I made this for her for Christmas!
It is much easier than it looks!

1. Lace 
2. Watch Face
3. Thread/needle or sewing machine
4. ribbon clamps
5. clasp
6. extra chain

Now with this lace, I wanted the watch band to be twice as wide as the lace. I started by using some lace, measuring out about how thick my wrist was, and cutting two strips. 

Then I sewed them together in the middle. 
I took another piece of lace, and strung on my watch face.
Then I sewed the watch face to the middle of the ribbon. I added extra sewing to keep the watch face in place. 
Then I added two ribbon clamps on the ends
And finally added a clasp on one end, and a chain on the other
The end! Now wear it proudly and enjoy your new watch! 



Love how feminine this looks. I also like using ribbon crimps - they make life so much easier. I posted the top finished photo of your lace watch and a link back to you on my Tumblr blog truebluemeandyou. I know my readers will like this DIY as much as I do.


This is so pretty. I could see making this for my sister. Thanks for sharing!

Rachel Timpson

I love this but your pictures are gone :( Any way to restore it?

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