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Engagement Photos: Yes or No?

Here is our dilemma, we don't know whether or not we should do engagement photos.
 First of all, we aren't doing save the dates, so would we ever send these photos out? We also don't know what else we would do with them. Once you have wedding photos, do you still even use your engagement photos. Finally, since I do photography on the side, every now and then I set up my camera and take a few photos. We took these at Kevin's house after shopping a little in Colorado this weekend. I am almost wondering if taking photos myself will suffice. 
They aren't perfect, and I know that. But photographers can be expensive, and I still am not sure what we do with them. 

Any thoughts or suggestions? Are you glad you spent money on your engagement photos? Do you still have them hanging around the house? Will I be missing out if we don't get someone to take them?



I will say I hate our engagement photographs (The actual photographer was just a nightmare) but those images I used for decor for a year or so. But now those photos have been replaced because we look so young (taken in 2009). -

So I say, use the images you personally have taken because from what I can see they are beautiful. These images are great from "home decor." Then after you are married I would do a photoshoot when ever you want. I think the one year anniversary is always a fun time to get photographed.

Just my crazy thoughts though!

Save the money and spend it when you have a special occasion you wan to celebrate after your married!


My husband and I didn't originally have our engagement photos taken with a save-the-date in mind. My mom took them for us, so we didn't pay a photographer for them. To me, they are just more to commemorate the event. I mean, you take photos on your birthday and Christmas and other occasions; what do you wind up doing with those? My mom had a photobook made for us of those engagement pictures and it still sits on our coffee table to this day. I don't think taking them yourself, or having a good friend do it, would be a bad idea. But I do think that having them just to commemorate the event of you two finally getting engaged is special, and you'll look back later and say, "We had only been engaged (however many) days when these were taken!" I think you should do it. :) Also, are either of your families putting a write-up in a local paper? Something else to consider there.


We made ours into a double date with some married friends of ours. All four of us went out and just had some fun, took pics, and had dinner. We did pay him some, but it wasn't much (he set the amount). And they were awesome! We used them for decoration at the reception, and to give to grandparents and such.

I dunno, I think if pics are important and, as a photographer, you have someone you'd like to do them, I'd say yes. =)

Jessica Hartman

I have to say I love our engagement photos and I use them in frames in our house. However, since you're not having a wedding and you're a photographer taking some of your own would be just as good. I think our session cost around $300 (which is on the lower side for engagement sessions I think) but if you are happy with the ones you take I would stick with those. If it were me, I would be sad looking back not having any pictures taken of us before we got married. Just my two cents :)


My parents and his parents have some of our engagement photos framed and around the house. They're not as formal and stuffy as wedding photos. Plus our photographer rocked.

Emily Heizer Photography

As a professional photographer, this is my perspective: Engagement photos serve two purposes; to preserve a very unique and special and short time in your life and relationship, and to help the subject learn how to be comfortable in front of a camera and see what works best for you and him and your body types.

You are only engaged once (hopefully.) This time in your life is 100% unique and unduplicable It's special. You're not just a boyfriend and girlfriend. You have pledged to marry, and your commitment is unfathomable. This is a special time. Preserve it, commemortae it, and remember what it was like back then. You can take anniversary pictures, yes, but that was after you were married. The time just before, it IS once in a lifetime.

This is also an opportunity for you to practice having your picture taken. Taking pictures with a tripod and a remote or a timer works, but it's not the same thing as having a professional pose you, compose the shots, be up in your face, and climbing through the bushes stalking you like a cat- like they'll do on your wedding day. It also gives you a chance to go through those pictures and say, I HATE that, but I LOVE that. And then, on your wedding day, utilize that knowledge you have gained about yourself. It allows you to be better prepared for a great photo session on your wedding day. Engagement pictures are practice.

Other benefits include the fact these are pictures of you in your regular clothes, not in wedding wear. You feel most like yourself here, and look most like yourself.

Like someone else said, having an announcement printed in the paper for the engagement OR the wedding is usually done with an engagement picture, not a wedding picture, since the announcement runs at the time of the engagement, or on the DAY/WEEKEND of the wedding, when no pictures are back yet.

It's also just another opportunity to memorialize your relationship, and in this case, on your home turf. No matter where you move to, or grow your lives, to look back at images that were taken at some sacred place that holds meaning to your relationship- it helps you get back to basics later on when times aren't always so "easy" for you.

And pictures of you looking young? HOLY CRAP, I'd blow that up as big as the wall! I want to always remember looking young and perfect, although I don't think I ever have! LOL


Karen Koonce

Your pictures are adorable, and definitely good enough for anything you'd want to use them for (announcements, display, you name it). The only reason we had engagement photos taken (28 years ago!) was for the announcement in the paper. Back then, everybody put them in the paper... at least in our small town. And it was FREE; I am not so sure that is the case now. Anyhow, I say no need to spend the $$ on someone else to recreate something you've done such a great job of doing yourself. Use it for the elopement!

Patty Antle, Indiana

I made digital scrapbooks with my son's recent wedding photos. I don't like alot of framed pictures sitting around so that worked well for me. I used Shutterfly and they were so much fun to make! Congrats on your engagement! Your life has really come together nicely - graduating, getting married...:)


My husband and I did not get engagement photos, and I can tell you that after 10 years of marriage I do not care at all. I don't feel like I missed out on anything. We had tons of photos at our wedding.
I think it depends on what your motivation is. If you think that it is something you need to feel like the experience is complete you should do it. If you are only wanting to do it for others expectations, I'd say no.
Just my opinion, though.
I love the pictures you took. They are adorable!


I personally adore engagement photos, but I think you have the skills and equiptment to get a few for yourself! I would set aside a designated time and look for your engagement photos, snap a few that you love, and call it a day! Since you are not doing save the dates, it would seem like an unnecessary expense, as you won't have much to do with them!


Double check to see if your wedding photographer (if you've picked them yet) might throw in a deal on engagement photos. Our engagement photo session ended up being free with the wedding package that we picked. I actually think we have more of our engagement photos posted in our house than our wedding photos, just because they are not so formal.

Kristina Grapes

I enjoyed having engagements taken. It was so fun! We had a budding photographer do them so she could add them to her portfolio. We've used them to create albums for the wedding, wedding decorations and even thank you post cards for all our showers! Also, when interviewing wedding photographers, we found most include engagements in the package deal!

Lauren @ Love, Water and Wine

We nixed the official engagement pictures to save money. We also have pretty good pictures of us that we could frame until we having wedding photos but all in all, the money just wasn't worth it for us.

Isabel Cabrera

An engagement photo is not a must for the couple. Generally, the purpose having one is for saving-the-date cards and photo sign-in on the wedding day, but not limited to those. Mostly the soon-to-be-brides are the ones who do this for the look-test. Anyway, it’s a fun thing to do for couples, but what you prefer is what matters most.

Isabel Cabrera


It’s always good to show your artistic side on your engagement photos. It may be simple, but definitely capture the love you both have for each other.

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