Thursday, January 17, 2013

One Month: Update

Well it has been one month now since Kevin popped the question! Sometimes it feels like its been much longer, and other days I look down at my hand and think "Well lookie there, I'd forgotten about you Emery" 
(Yes, I named my ring Emery. Not even kidding. Her fully name is "Emery the Emerald Cut Ring")

I absolutely love being engaged. I like being able to think that my ideas of my future after graduation will get to become a reality. Even better, I love that our engagement is going to be a pretty low stress one (minus the stress that law school already gives me). I have a number of friends getting married this summer, and I love getting to talk with all of them about their wedding plans, and not feel like we are trying to one-up each other or any of that. Since we aren't having a wedding, we've gotten to spend time talking and planning about what we will have!

So far we've planned:
1. The colors of our apartment (Sounds like a silly thing, but Kevin is artsy, so I love that he has lots of opinions on this)
2. The colors we will use for our elopement (for my shoes, bouquet, his tie, etc.)
3. I've started working on my bouquet! (more on that later!!) 
4. We've talked about apartment locations in Omaha 
5. Kevin bought me wedding shoes for our elopement :) I can't wait to wear them!!
6. Where we will go on our elopement (but still haven't quite set the date yet!)

Things we still need to plan:
1. A date
2. Wedding bands- I don't even know what to do about this! I love my ring the exact way it is, I don't really want a silly old band messing it up! I'm sure I just need to find the "right" one
3. Veil/Jewelry- I don't even know what to do about these. 
4. When we will have our reception in Omaha and Denver
5. A photographer (that will come immediately after our date!) 
6. Elopement dress (dresses?)

I'm sure there are a million other things on the list...but I don't even know what it will be! 

I did make myself a hanger the other day :) I was pretty excited about finally getting to make one for me!!


Steph @ Crafting in the Rain

I love the emerald cut ring has 3:) I just have a really thin plain wedding band, and they're not soldered. I wanted the focus to be in the engagement diamonds. I've been married 10 years and still love it! Have fun planning, and yay for your own hanger!


If your ring is perfect (like my ring) don't add a wedding band. Or, get a really cool wedding band but never wear it with your engagement ring.

Jessica Hartman

I've got a couple opinions I'll give you on things you yet to accomplish. And you know, my opinions matter so much (read sarcastically) so I'll type them in a public forum. Seriously, though just some food for thought (you're lucky you have this outlet to hear great ideas (not mine) from everyone).

So. for jewelry for your elopement, don't worry about it too much yet until you have the dress. I'm betting the dress will "speak" to you and let you know what feels right (also once you have the destination picked, that will be telling!)

As for veil, my personal opinion is that they're annoying (especially if it happens to be outside) so I didn't wear one. Our wedding was casual so I wore a flower in my hair. Again, personal opinion, but don't feel like you ever have to fall prey to peer pressure (I have a feeling you'll do exactly what you want though - which is good!)

As for wedding bands, I felt the same way about my ring so I just got a silver wedding band. I wear them together a lot, but the nice thing is they're not saudered (sp?) together. They look great apart, they look great together. Plus the bonus part is that if I'm "working with my hands" (read baking) I can just wear the band and not worry about getting it dirty/it getting in the way. One neat thing we did was we had the jeweler engrave the inside of our wedding bands. Something sweet from Mike and the date of our wedding. (I don't think anyone even knows that but it's something I cherish.)

Well, we're all tired of hearing me talk now so I'll end it. But, I am very happy for you and love reading everything you're doing (I'm pretty much living vicariously through you bc this is what I would have done also if I weren't the only daughter.) Can't wait to see what all you decide!!!

Kenzie Keck

I understand what you mean about wedding bands! I love my engagement ring just the way it is, so for our wedding, I actually didn't get a wedding band. For our one year anniversary, we picked out a really, really simple (read cheap :) ) band and didn't even get the two sautered together. It has itty bitty diamonds, so it adds a bit more bling in the right light, but otherwise you barely notice it. However, it makes me feel more married to have 2 rings. :)

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