Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ring Shopping- For THE Ring

I'll be honest, this post was written a while ago. Why? because I wanted to write it while the experience was fresh in my mind...and didn't want to spoil the whole engagement by telling people we were ring shopping (not that anyone was that surprised since we've been dating almost 5 years)

Kevin and I have been looking at rings for a couple of years actually. I've been obsessed with rings for a long time. I remember memorizing the different cuts of rings in middle school, as well as the diamond chart for clarity and color. Its just something I love. 

Needless to say, picking out MY ring was something I really wanted a hand in (no pun intended). Kevin has known this a while, and he was totally on board with picking one out with me, instead of surprising me with a setting that he had no idea if I would love or not. By the time we came around to actually getting a setting, Kevin and I really agreed on everything. We knew what each other would love, and we found one we both just couldn't live without. 

There were two things that we had to deal with, which made picking out a ring a little difficult. 

First I wanted an emerald cut diamond. I love them, and that's all there is to it. Emerald cut was a little harder to come by, and finding a setting that would work with it was just a little more work. 

Second (and most difficult)- was that I wanted my ring in Palladium. Why Palladium? Well its a metal in the same "family" as platinum. However, its  not has heavy as platinum  and the its more affordable . It also doesn't have to be rhodiumed like white gold and its more durable. That was my biggest concern. Apparently chemicals from your hands will affect how often you need to have your white gold rhodiumed  I have two white gold rings that my parents got me when I turned 16, and they start to turn goldish in about 6 months. I didn't want to have to keep giving up my ring every 3-4 month to have rhodiumed  or walk around with a slightly gold tinted ring. Most people, not a big deal. With me...big deal.
Plus, who doesn't love these ads (just kidding)

So Kevin and I went in search for the perfect ring. 

A few things we found out. 

1. Ring people are like car salesmen. If you know what  you want, it just ticks you off because you don't want to hear about the "benefits" of getting something different. I tried to make it plain that I was coming as someone a little more well educated than the average first time ring shopper, and I only needed them to unlock the particular rings I wanted to look at. I really didn't want to be shown anything I didn't describe.
2. In our experience, men jewelers were way more fun to deal with then women. They always listened to exactly what we wanted, and not what they liked. 
3. Palladium is harder to find, most require it to be custom made. Not as many jewelers are working with palladium yet. 
4. Jewelry shopping can be tough when you look like you're only 18.
5. We enjoyed the benefits of buying a diamond first, and then finding a setting to go with the diamond. It was way more fun shopping once people took us seriously and saw that we have a diamond, so we are ready to decide.
6. Just because you work in a jewelry store, doesn't mean you know ANYTHING about sales or people. I had one lady get in an argument with me about whether or not a setting made my finger look fat. I didn't care what she thought. If I think it make my finger look fat, I don't care what some stranger thinks. Arguing with me about it just made me want to scream.  
7.  On that note, sometimes, I'm rude. 
(alright, this really wasn't something we JUST found out. But when people don't listen to patience does start to wear thin) 

All in all, the experience was wonderful. We picked out the most absolutely perfect setting. We'd been looking at similar settings for almost 3 years, so it wasn't a surprise that we picked this one out. We actually worked for about 2 months altering a ring so that it was exactly how I wanted. I didn't want to start from scratch and custom make something, so we started with one we both liked, and tweaked it until it was just perfect!



It's gorgeous! But you already knew that. Smart choice...I work in a hospital, so the hand sanitizer takes the white off my white gold. I have yet to redo it because I don't want to give it up either!

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