Thursday, January 31, 2013

Snowday Paper Circles

I had my own personal Snow Day yesterday. My one class of the day was canceled, so I enjoyed being able to listen to a bar review C.D while practicing with these little paper circles. 

I got the idea here. I love the concept of having these on a backdrop of a photo shoot, or behind our cakes at the reception. 

These took maybe 45 minutes to make. Simple according fold two pieces of paper, and then glue the 3 sides together. I used paper clips to hold it in place while drying. 

Unfortunately I didn't take pictures while doing it, but you probably get the idea from just looking at it. One paper makes half the circle. You can sorta bend the paper in half (like you're making a childhood paper fan) and glue the ends of the fan together, then glue both the two fans to each other. (my explanation stinks...but just look at it, you'll get it!). I tied a ribbon in the middle of the fans to keep them together. 
The smaller ones are just 1 piece of paper, cut in half! Same concept! 



Love them! You did a great job. I made some for my wedding ceremony:

Katherine Nolden

What a great way to craft away a snow day! I'm not looking forward to the BAR review though...

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