Saturday, January 19, 2013

Veils-- Thoughts?

Today I'm having a real internal struggle on whether or not I'll be wanting a veil for my elopement. I'm sharing my thoughts, questions and concerns over here today! For those of you with an opinion, I'd really love to hear them! 


** Camryn **

Hey Kitty! I think veils are absolutely gorgous! It is totally up to you but I love the veil and think it is such a nice tradition in weddings/elopements!

Casey @ Classic with a Pop

I say go for it if you're feeling it! I wore a birdcage on the beach in my wedding and it was just enough - but wearing it was SO fun! If you don't want to go "veil" what about a fun fastener or something? Something fun and special :)

holly via

I didn't wear one. I had my hair done up, and I wanted to show it off! But to each their own.


i vote birdcage! i wedding (even an elopement) is not a wedding without feeling a bit dolled up for the occassion, and what better way but to jump into the honeymoon phase feeling all lovey dovey and romantic?!? They're classy without all the effort of a full veil! Go for it!

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