Saturday, February 16, 2013

Adult Kickball

I play sports. 
Notice I did not say that I play sports well, because that would not be true. I do however, enjoy playing on our adult kickball team. I'm a mean pitcher. By that I mean I'm stuck as a pitcher simply because I have a much higher chance of catching the ball if it comes at me from a short distance, rather than flying at me in the outfield. That was how we discovered I should be the one to pitch. (Notice also I just said there was a higher chance, that means maybe 50/50 chance I'll catch it. Compared to outfield which gave me about a 1/1,000)

I wish I was more athletic, but sadly, I spent my time doing other things and never showed much improvement in sports. I played sports growing up. I'm pretty sure my parents were determined to find just one that I was decent at. That may be the one thing that my parents failed at. I don't believe it is their fault though, the world just hasn't come up with a sport yet that I can really play well, so it isn't my parents' fault. As a kid, for years I played softball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, swimming, bowling (still up in the air as to whether that one counts as a sport) and took tennis lessons. 

Softball I loved because I got to chew giant wads of gum and stand in the outfield where no one expected anything from me. I usually talked to myself out there too, and it was okay, because I was so far from anyone else that no one could hear me. I used to put the glove up to my face and pretend I was an announcer. I'm pretty sure I stopped playing when every year my softball pants mysteriously got much too small around my mid section, and I decided it was time to give it up. 

Basketball was fun because my dad used to tell me if I got enough fouls that I was kicked out of the game, he'd give me $20 (trying to make me more aggressive) I always worked at it, but never got my $20. At least I had something to work towards.

Volleyball was my favorite. There was very little running (I was a fat kid...if you haven't picked up on that yet) and my serves were accurate. Plus, I was never expected to catch the ball. A big perk. Falling on the floor was completely acceptable, as long as you were going after the ball. I stopped playing when I was expected to serve overhand, and never got the hang of it.

Tennis lessons weren't so bad.  If I did well enough (like bounce the ball on my racket so many times in a row without dropping it) my coach gave us pizza certificates. What kid doesn't like pizza. 

Soccer was probably my least favorite, which is why I didn't play soccer as long as the others. There was so much running in soccer, and I never understood how the rules worked. All I knew is I had to run back and forth after this ball, which never came to me, and if it did someone else would just take it from me. And I wasn't supposed to crowd the ball, which I didn't understand. Either tell me to stay in on spot, or run after the ball...stop telling me one thing one minute, and something else the next. 

When one of my law school friends approached me about needing another couple girls on their co-ed team, I was ready to play. Secretly, I was hoping that by growing up and getting smarter, I somehow just became athletic. I found out this semester, it does not work that way. However, I am loving it. I encourage any of you twenty somethings (and older! Our team plays against a number of 30-50 year olds and they are certainly a challenge) to look into adult leagues. The twenty-somethings are hard, and its a great way to stay active and have fun!

(I had to snap a quick photo of our team playing, with my sister on third!--hopefully more photos during the playoffs!) 


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